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The brand name Kenmore appeared for the first time in the 1913 Fall catalog, on a four-drawer drop head sewing machine, but the name was dropped in the Fall of 1919, and did not appear again until 1934.

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It was the first to be covered by inventors' patent pooling.

This new technology was both boon and bane; it eased the housewife's workday by allowing her to sew more efficiently or to buy the increasingly-available ready-made clothing for her family.

As far as we can determine, the Burdick sewing machine first appeared in the 1899 Spring catalog and their last appearance was in Spring 1903.

The Edgemere sewing machine appeared in the catalog from Fall 1900 through the Spring 1903.

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Sewing Machine History --- The "Sewing Machine Combination" --- Sewing Machines in the 20th Century Who invented the sewing machine? It was the first home appliance to be sold on installment credit.