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Mothership dating

In November 2010, The Spaceship Company had announced that it planned to build at least three additional White Knight Two aircraft and an additional five Space Ship Two rocket planes, the aircraft to be built by Virgin after the initial prototypes of each craft are built by Scaled Composites., it is not clear how many SS2 and WK2 vehicles will actually be built."They dropped its 10 Yemeni crew and a Somali guard inland and disappeared with the boat together with the food, cook, captain and engineer," he told Reuters.Residents of Marrayo, a northern village near the pirate lair of Eyl, confirmed that pirates from their village had gone to hunt potential targets. On 13 March, pirates seized a small oil tanker in the same region.A study of use of the aircraft as a forest fire water bomber has also been mentioned, one that would utilize a large carbon composite water tank that could be quickly replenished to make repeat runs over fires.Together, WK2 and SS2 form the basis for Virgin Galactic's fleet of suborbital spaceplanes.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with this conundrum, and there is no right way of resolving this.But there is a wrong way, and that’s what Mothership has done with this poorly disclosed sponsored post for OCBC.This post (dated 14 April) caught my eye, because whenever I’m researching a newly-launched credit card, I have to be hypervigilant to the T&C. A van pulls up in a village street and a ramp extends to the pavement from a side door.A swarm of wheeled robots trundle down the ramp and head off down local streets on missions of their own.

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I still think proper disclosure of sponsored posts is a big issue, however, but I acknowledge this has more to do with Mothership than OCBC) Seasoned readers will know that I’ve always had a general discomfort about monetizing this website.

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