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Frustration built up over what appeared to Lab126 workers to be extraneous features such as Dynamic Perspective, although they continued to work on the project due to the respect they held for Jeff Bezos.It continued to develop its phone while denying such rumours, and by 2013, it had split into two projects: "Duke" and "Otus".In the United States, it launched as an AT&T exclusive on July 25.The phone was notable for its hallmark feature "Dynamic Perspective": using four front-facing cameras and the gyroscope to track the user's movements, the OS adjusts the UI so it gives the impression of depth and 3D.As you can see from the above specs, the Genio appears to be a rival to cut-price Android handsets like Sony’s Xperia L1 and the Moto G5.You get a basic Mediatek processor backed by 2GB of RAM, as well as a 720p HD screen and Android Nougat on-board.

Here’s all you need to know about the Macate Genio, including full specs, the UK price and release info.

In addition, panelists answer questions submitted in advance by participants.

Audience members can either dial-in live or listen to archived recordings at a later date.

For instance, one of the company’s products is Netme, an app which offers encrypted messaging between mobiles.

Macate has already stepped into the smartphone hardware market with the Genio handset.

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The public beta is available to download now, which means we've already been able to take a good look at what we can expect.