Public folder calendar not updating

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Public folder calendar not updating

The Room Finder displays room and attendee availability and suggests times that work for all attendees.

Using Direct Booking is not recommended with Exchange 2010 and up.

They can view the contents using the File, Open, Other users folder command.

Sharing subfolders requires a bit more effort as the subfolders are not accessible from the Open Other Users Folder dialog.

If you frequently work with someone else's Exchange folders, you probably will want to add the other person's Exchange mailbox to your Outlook profile.

Doing so will automatically open the other person's mailbox every time that you open Outlook.

For Exchange 20, both free (Auto Accept Sink for Exchange) and commercial (Exchange Resource Manager) event sinks can automatically accept and decline meeting requests for resource mailboxes.Folder sharing enables another person to access one of your folders, perhaps while you are on vacation.However, it does not include permissions for one to act on behalf of the other.Right click on the shared folder and choose Properties.Go to the permission tab and assign permission to the person you want to share with.

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Shared Local Folder has some restrictions and needs special permissions to access, for more information, see Shared Local Folder. Application Data.current; // Change this to var roaming Folder = application Data.roaming Folder; // to use the Roaming Folder instead, for example. Shared Local Folder is only available if the device has the appropriate group policy.