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In the last couple of years, the DVD medium has received quite a couple of interesting releases from the major wrestling promotions.

This database keeps track of them and allows you to comment on and rate them, if you have seen them.

However, she then said that those thoughts were not hers.

Apparently it was the person who runs her Twitter account that posted those comments.

Ishii throwing Sabre around is incredibly entertaining, as there's a great visual every single time where Zack just ragdolls on the mat like a limp child being tossed around by a mad dog.

He didn’t want kids looking up Chyna on Google, find this out, and start asking questions.

Shortly after this, Chyna’s Twitter account posted numerous tweets about the situation.

There will certainly be plenty of fallout from this.

We will further dive into the comments later on and discuss the comments that will likely be made by members, past and present, of the WWE.

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Following this, Chyna called up Vince Russo and did an interview with him, which is up for free on There’s plenty more to view in this interview from where Chyna is today, to her alcohol problems after WWE, and other topics about her life.