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lol Some of the fake ones have had crazy transformations.Look at the transformation on this Persian model Before plastic surgery https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Cv7q06sf Soo/TYz_padnv3I/AAAAAAAAAHo/6P36Kba QKhk/s1600/IMG_2529After PZj Na T0_4/T8fuev Jz Dr I/AAAAAAAAAe Q/2on Iu Irf VFI/s1600/claudia1why are women so jelous :lol: Are you kidding me?

Christianity For his roles in “I love to eat everything despite I admire healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.

Owen Cunningham Wilson O, Will Scorpio Dallas, Texas, USA Owen went to St.

Mark’s School of Texas from where he was expelled during the tenth grade.

Obb WI/T_n N1U6w4w I/AAAAAAAADi0/337sg TC7i LE/s1600/haters_gonna_i saw that one too but he really didnt have the same style/class like my black friend:)why are women so jelous :lol: We aren't jelly.

;) It's just shocking to see how much people alter themselves with plastic surgery.

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He then finished his sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson School and went on to attend the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, New Mexico.